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Dec 14, 2018

Hello its another fab episode of RGDS, here the boys don their Fedoras and set on the case to find some of the best Retro detective games out there.

So come and join in on the hunt of these classic games.

Show Notes
Batman : The Caped Crusader (Spectrum / C64)

Broken Sword : Shadow of the Templars

Cruise For A Corpse (Amiga)

DiscWorld Noir (PC)

Gabriel Knight 2 : The Beast Within

MOVIE (Spectrum)

Sam & Max : Hit The Road (PC)

PDF of Sam & Max Surfin the highway:

Example of the Lucas Arts News Letter the Adventurer:  <-- All issues here

Sam & Max  Cartoon:
Season 1

Sherlock (Spectrum)

Creepy Watson Video

Tex Murphy : The Pandora Directive (PC)

Tex Murphy Radio Theater

Nov 30, 2018

Kingy is joined by friend of the show Daz from Arcade Perfect Podcast.

The lads flip their balls in a quest to find out if the transition of such a wonderful tactile game to video screen is achievable. They start at the early years and move through the decade in hope of finding pinball greatness in their own homes.


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Follow Arcade Perfect - @arcade_perfect_


Show notes - Primus pinball table -






Nov 16, 2018

In this episode Richard, Paul and Aaron take a look at the Amiga's Fighting game library and discuss the best games in the genre for the platform.


To enter the competition, please send us your answer on twitter with #RGDSComp hashtag attached or leave us a message on our facebook.


Barbarian remake:
International Karate Plus Plus:
Fighting Warriors:


Richard Yaxley @RetroRic79

Pauls Driscoll @TheDrisk

Aaron White @aaronub4t

Nov 2, 2018

Kingy is joined by Drisk as they cover the topic of hidden gems on the ZX Spectrum.  

It's all to common to chat about the top 50 titles. What about the underdogs which are every bit as good?  This episode is dedicated to them.

Games covered in the episode are:-


Mighty Magus

Tornado Low Level


Worse Things Happen at Sea


Roller Coaster

Strike Force Cobra

Contact Sam Cruise

Mutant Monty


As some bonus content, there is also a review of Andy Remic's sequel to Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict called "Load 2".  Stay tuned after the main episode to listen to Kingy share his views on it.

Check out the movie site here -


Links mentioned in the show:-

Dragons Lair: Legend

Captain MaCaw by Auld Games

Kingy's Remake of Brainstorm for Windows

Kingy's words on Rapscallion


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Oct 19, 2018



In this episode, Kingy is joined by Vic from Ten Pence Arcade Podcast to go over this loved but less spoken about 8-bit home computer.

The lads go over their own personal experiences of the system and go through their chosen list of favourite games.


Show notes:-

Play a vast collection of BBC games in your browser at :- - this is an awesome site.  Also check out Richard Broadhurst's  amazing arcade ports by typing his name in the search.


Granny's Garden for PC link -

If you fancy a Windows remake of Imogen - check out for their brilliant version of it.

Vic recommended any BBC enthusiasts to visit  for a great community keeping the spirit of the system alive.

Drisky recommended for everything Elite.

Kingy mentioned the Exile Novella for those who never got a chance to read it back in the day -

The tank/helicopter game on the Archimedes that was like Virus was called Conqueror -


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Follow Vic/Ten Pence Arcade on Twitter @tenpencearcade




Oct 5, 2018

The Drisk and Kingy return for an epic second part of this series. We enter the 90's, we enter the age of 3D racing. Be sure to listen to our previous episode (part 1) to get the full appreciated of this series.  It's been a long journey, but we @RGDSpodcast think the lads have included a killer list of games in this discussion.


The games included are:-

Indy 500

Hard Drivin'

Stunt Car Racer


Lotus Turbo Esprit 1 & 2

Road Rash

Virtua Racing

Mario Kart



Ridge Racer

Sega Rally

Need for Speed

Gran Turismo

Crazy Taxi


Burnout 1&2

Project Gotham 2

Outrun 2


Show note links:-

Info on Stunt Car Racer TNT mod:-

Take That playing Virtua Racing:-




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Sep 24, 2018

SEGA Megadrive at 30 


Paul, Aaron, Ric and Garron talk about their memories of the SEGA Megadrive as this mighty console turns 30, from their introductions to the console and it’s various add ons to the games they remember the most. 


This is the third of our Megadrive trilogy, take a listen to the previous two shows if you have missed them. 


Follow the team on twitter at







And on Facebook at


Some links mentioned in the show. 

Ric’s Megadrive youtube mods


Our chums over at maximum power up have a great show about SEGA power magazine check it out here 

Aug 31, 2018

Continuing on with our celebrations of the 30th Anniversary of the Sega Mega Drive, Matt Lambourne is joined by our very own Richard Yaxley and with very special guest Darren Browne aka King Monkey.


Follow the lads on twitter -





The games discussed in this episode are:-



Battle Mania Daiginjo


Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse


Devilish: The Next Possession


EA Hockey




Gunstar Heroes




Insector X


Jordan vs Bird: One on One


Kid Chameleon


The Lost World: Jurassic Park


Magical Flying Turbo Hat Adventure!_Daibouken


The NewZealand Story


Olympic Gold


Panorama Cotton


Quackshot Starring Donald Duck


Red Zone


Sonic the Hedgehog 2








WWF Super Wrestlemania


X-Men 2: Clone Wars


Ys III: Wanderers from Ys



Grumpy Retro Gamers (Olympic Gold Video)


Aug 13, 2018

Welcome to the first of several episodes that RGDS will be releasing to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the release of the Sega Mega Drive in Japan, hosted by our very own Matt L.


The Mega Drive was a big hit amongst fans of the early grey import scene, and we thought there was nobody better to guest on the show than Colin Dimond, the former co-owner of the infamous Console Concepts import store, based in Stoke-on-Trent during the late 80’s and early 90s.


Colin gives his expert insight into the impact the MD had on the import scene, where the MD lays amongst its competitors of the time and the legacy it left on the industry.


This is a fascinating conversation, and if you enjoyed Colin’s last appearance on RGDS in EP 197 (The Golden Age of Imports), you’ll simply love this one too.







All music on this episode is sourced from YouTube channel - Savaged Regime.


The author reproduces famous video game tracks (particularly Mega Drive) using the MD’s own Yamaha 2616 sound processor, but vastly more detailed. Some of the tracks you will recognise, but will never have heard them so good!


Title music - Solar Modulation - original piece


16:10 - Track 2 - MUSHA Aleste - For the love of (YM2612 rearrangement)


30:17 - Track 3 - Mortal Kombat II - Title/Character Select (YM2612 arrangement)


43:15 - Track 4 - Sonic - Spring Yard Zone (YM2612 arrangement)


55:24 - Track 5 - Castlevania: Bloodlines - Reincarnated Soul (YM2612 arrangement)


Closing track - Vectorman - Oshin Thing/Tidal Surge (YM2612 arrangement)


Savaged Regime URL -


Aug 8, 2018

Play Expo London - Bonus Show 

Garron is  joined by Andy Brown MD of Play Expo and they chat about the London Expo on 11-12 August including a couple of reveals.  

Take a look at the website for more information. 



Print works 

Canada Water

Surrey Quays Road 

SE16 7PJ 

Jul 27, 2018

In this episode, Drisk and Kingy chat about the lesser spoken titles in the genre of platform games on the Commodore Amiga. It may have been an over-saturated category, but there were some of the best games on the system contained within.

The chosen games were (hyperlinks are within title):













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Jul 13, 2018

Welcome to episode 224 of RGDS Podcast, and in this episode we sit down to discuss the import war of the 32-bit era, Sega Saturn vs Sony PlayStation.


In a modern day top-trumps, Matt Aguilera sides as champion of PS1 and Aaron White puts up his dukes to protect the honour of the Sega Saturn. Popular opinion during their heyday would see PS1 win this battle hands down, particularly if sales figures have anything to do with it. However as more and more have sample the delights of each machine over the years, we feel the debate is once again wide-open.


Host of the show Matt Lambourne plays the role of independent adjudicator as the champion of each console choose their favourite titles from 11 different game genres to determine which is the greatest machine of the 32-bit age.


Stay tuned to this one, hilarity ensures as two grown men reignite playground style petty squabbles and we re-visit some amazing games of one of gaming’s greatest generations.


Contact us -







Jun 29, 2018

Hello and welcome to another episode of RGDS.   This time Kingy and The Drisk look at how the video game racing genre has evolved over its 45 year history.

This is part one that looks at the racing genre from it humble beginnings through to the end of the 1980's

Ways to Contact Us:

RGDS Podcast - @RGDSPodcast


Gordon King - @UKTKingy

Paul Driscoll - @THeDrisk


Jun 15, 2018

Hello Retro Gamers and welcome to episode 222 of RGDS.

This episode is dedicated to discussion the many Mental Health problems experience by many of us within the Retro Gaming community. From addiction, to depression and dealing with the difficulties that every day life can bare upon us, we discuss it all and leave no topic off the table.

If you believe you that your mental well being has been impacted by one of the subjects on today’s show, please reach out to some you trust. Discussing the matter is the first step towards making it better.

Resident RGDS host Matt Aguilera, who has dealt with a mental health issues for much of life has given the following book recommendation to people who wish to help themselves to improve their life.

We hope that this episode is a useful resource for people who don’t have someone to talk to about their issues, and realise that you are not alone.

Book recommendation - 

Lost Connections: Uncovering the real causes of Depression - and the Unexpected Solutions - by Johann Hari -

Tom Charnock article - The Catharsis of selling off my games collection -

Hosts on the show;

Matt Aguilera - @matt_aguilera

Matt Lambourne - @Lambomat


Music used in this episode;

Intro music - Heart Shaped Box - Westworld season 2 soundtrack

Track 2 - Dire Dire Docks - Mario 64

Track 3 - Kakariko Village - Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Track 4 - Requiem of the Gods - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Track 5  - Paint it black - Westworld Season 1 Soundtrack

Track 6 - No Surprises - Westworld Season 1 Soundtrack

Track 7 - Intro theme - Wild Arms

Ending music - Main Theme - Metal Gear Solid 2

Jun 1, 2018

Crash, Your Spectrum/Sinclair & Sinclair User were 3 of the best selling and much loved ZX Spectrum magazines in the 80's. Rising from the emerging industry of home computer games, these giants wrote the rule book in video game journalism. 

Retro Gamer writer Graeme Mason joins Kingy and discusses the rise and fall of these publications and chat about their fond memories of them.

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Crash Magazine Scans

Your Spectrum Scans

Your Sinclair Scans

Sinclair User Scans


Grame's article on cover tape wars


Unclear User Parody


Knight Lore Map


Alien 8 Map


May 18, 2018
Dec 15, 2017

Hello and welcome to another episode of RGDS.   This time we battle out the best video game released in the year 1985.

Yes its another mega show, where we your humble hosts discuss and battle out the best game released in 1986.  It's an amazing year chock full of all time classics..  So come and join us to a  happier, simpler time where social networking meant going down the pub and fast food meant your Mum making you beans on toast.

Ways to Contact Us:

RGDS Podcast - @RGDSPodcast

Garron - @RetroShumper

Ric - @RetroRic79

Gordon King - @UKTKingy

Paul Driscoll - @THeDrisk


May 5, 2018

In this bonus episode Garron,  and The Drisk talk to Craig Turner all about the upcoming retro event Revival - Generation X on the 19th and 20th May in the Walsall Football Stadium (Near Birmingham UK) Post code WS1 4SA

So come and get your tickets at  before they sell out.

This event is going to be really special, so come and listen to the show, to hear the many reason why.


May 4, 2018

In this episode of RGDS, we discuss the often forgotten scene of the Amiga Public Domain and Shareware scene, that in many ways kick started the vibrant Indie scene we see today.

So come and join us as Kingy and Drisky take you through ten great examples of the day. 

We have also collected up these amazing games (and many other favourites that didn't me the show) as well for you to enjoy on an emulator.  See it as the ultimate coverdisk.  Please give these classics a try, we love to hear you memories or what you think of the games.

Also we discuss a favourite Disk magazine of the day Grapevine and have collected up every one.  This really was for many of us the internet of the day.

To play the games and disks you will need an emulator such as Win UAE.

You will also need the Kick Starters and Rom which you probably can fine... or if you want to cut out all the hassle then is a great legal emulator to use.

Show Notes:

Ultimate Guide to Amiga PD Games

Amiga 17-Bit PD Collection:

Games-X Scan Area:
As mentioned in the show, the scans are done every Saturday and can be found here...

Public Domain Games Today:

Try Kingy's own amazing public domain game When it Rains here:




Apr 20, 2018

In this episode of RGDS, we discuss the Gateway into any game its controller and how since its beginning it has evolved over time.

The Drisk hosts with Andy and Garron as we chat all about the many great (and not so great) controllers there has been over the years.







Show Notes:

We will try to link photos of many of them on our Facebook group area.


Apr 10, 2018

In this bonus episode Garron, Kingy and The Drisk discuss all about the new film by Steven Spielberg.   Written by Ernest Cline a fellow retro geek, the film and book celebrates all of popular culture of our childhood.

So come and listen as we talk about the film and tread lightly around the book.


Show Notes:

In the book Wade writes his own Atari VCS game called the Stacks.  Someone has turned that into a real game than is emulated here...

Ernest Cline explains every game referenced in the book (Please note only watch this if you have read the book:


Apr 6, 2018

In this episode, Garron, Paul and Gordon chat about their love for Tabletop and Handheld gaming. This includes all the classics such as Nintendo Game & Watch, Casio gaming watches and a lorry load of LCD & VFD gems. Grandstand, Epoch & Tomy are but a few names we will all be familiar with.

As said in the show, there are some really brilliant simulated versions of the games discussed. Here are the links:

Hipopotam's digitalised collection of handheld and electronic games

Madrigal's Simulator's

BMX Flyer (Web based simulator)

Mini Munchman

Other links of interest:-

Pocketeers information
Merry Go Zoo (Not Merigozu as Kingy misheard)

Follow us on Twitter...
Garron - @retroshmuper
Paul - @TheDrisk
Gordon - @UVTkingy



Mar 23, 2018

In this episode of RGDS, it’s less talk about games, and more talk about how we play them!

Andy hosts a fatal 4-way with Garron, Matt & Ric to discuss their gaming collections at large, how they setup their multiple gaming systems for use at home and what specialist equipment they use to get the job done.

From real hardware, emulation, imports and Sony Trinitrons, this episode has it all and is well worth a listen for hints and tips on how to arrange the Ultimate Retro Gaming Setup.







In episode music - 


Title track - “It doesn’t matter” (Sonic Adventure 2)


13:00 - “Iron Blue Intention” Castlevania: The New Generation)


44:40 - “My Earth’  (GROWL aka Runark)


1:14:10 - Title Theme (MUSHA Aleste)


1:33:30 - “After Burner” (After Burner 2)


1:43:10 “Top Gear Remix (Snes) - Track 1 Synthwave / Retrowave Remix” -

Mar 9, 2018


In this episode, Gordon and Andy chat about "new" Zx Spectrum Games, in which a snapshot selection of titles are chosen since the Spectrum's demise in 1992.  The homebrew scene is very much alive and hundreds of games have been released since the 8-bit system ceased in its production.


The featured games are:


Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Remake


Cannon Bubble


Alter Ego


Speccy Bros


Xelda - Quest for the Golden Apple


Mighty Final Fight


Metal Man Remixed

Paul's Metal Man YouTube review -


Castlevania - A Spectral Interlude

Official soundtrack


Los Amores de Brunilda


Gordon on Twitter - @UVTkingy

Andy on Twitter - @gettwodachoppa


Feb 23, 2018

Gordon and Garron take a trip memory down lane to the seaside arcades of their youth, chatting about their early arcade experiences as they were growing up. 

Why not take a look at our gaming series where we discuss what we feel are the best games of that year.



Arcade Club

If you like arcade games then you will love this


Ten Pence Arcade Podcast


Japanese Arcade Rhythm Games

Check out some of the games Garron mentions  on the show 


Revival Generation X 2018

This great event takes place on the 19-20 May

Feb 9, 2018

 Hello and welcome to another fantastic episode of RGDS.  This time we interview a true legend, with the brilliant Jon Ritman.

Jon, the man behind such classics as Head Over Heels, Batman and Match Day games gives us an in-depth interview spanning across his full career.  He is a true gent and I guarantee you will adore this in-depth interview. 

Show Notes:

The ZX81 book that taught Ritman Basic in 1 week was Sinclair ZX81 BASIC Programming written by Steven Vickers

 The book that finally taught Ritman how to write Machine Code was Mastering Machine Code by Tony Baker

 Ritman Raiders (1982) On the ZX81

 A competent shooter on the ZX81 based on an obscure arcade game Jon stumbled across whilst camping with some mates.

 Play the Game Online Here:

 The Inspiration for Ritman Raiders we believe was an obscure 1980 Irem game called Uniwar S.  Ritman would have played the bootleg version called Sky Raiders.  The game is playable in MAME but here is a video of the game running

 Cosmic Debris (1983) On the ZX Spectrum

 Jon next turned his sites to a great Asteroids clone.

 Download the game here

 Play the game using the Speculator emulator or the free online emulator here

 3D Combat Zone (1983) On the ZX Spectrum

Always looking to push himself, Jon next tried to tackle 3D graphics on the Spectrum, taking on the Atari game Battlezone.

Download the game here

Play the game using the Speculator emulator or the free online emulator here

Dimension Destructors (1983) On the ZX Spectrum

Jon's next game was his first original game, being a 3D space shooter.  It is great fun and is similar to how Star Raiders played.

Download the game here

 Play the game using the Speculator emulator or the free online emulator here

Bear Bovver (1983) On the ZX Spectrum

After someone brought in the Mattel Intellivision and the game Burger Time,  Jon felt inspired to take on a clone that could rival his heroes at Ultimate Play The Game.

Download the game here

Play the game using the Speculator emulator or the free online emulator here

Match Day (1984) On the Various

Always looking for what was popular, at a computer show he realised there was a desperate need for a Spectrum version on International Soccer on the C64.  So despite having no personal interest in the sport, Jon set about making the best football series on the Spectrum.

Download the game here

Play the game using the Speculator emulator or the free online emulator here

Batman (1986) On the Various

Jon next set his sights on a licensed game.  Being the honour of the first Batman video game ever released.

Download the game here

Play the game using the Speculator emulator or the free online emulator here

Head Over Heels (1987)

Jon would build on what he had learned from the Batman game, to make the second best Isometric game ever released.

Download the game here

Play the game using the Speculator emulator or the free online emulator here

Match Day 2 (1987)

Jon would return to football for an amazing sequel.

Download the game here

Play the game using the Speculator emulator or the free online emulator here

GLAM (1988 - 1992)

Jon would look to write development tools behind the scenes.  This was the tool Rare used, so if you played Donkey Kong Country or any of their Gameboy or SNES classics, then chances are it was written using Jon's development tool.

Monster Max (1994)

Jon would use the GLAM tool for a new isometic game for the Gameboy.  Called Monster Max it truely is the best isometric game ever released.

To watch the game:

Super Match Soccer (Match Day 3) (1998)

 Demo of game:


Connect with us on

Twitter @RDGSpodcast 

Paul Driscoll @TheDrisk

Gordon @UVTKingy


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